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Top Rated products as selected by our customers. These health devices and medical supplies have proven to be very popular from the feedback we receive from doctors, nurses, clinics and home care users.

All the items in this category have generated consistent high-marks based on the quality, convenience and price as given to us by the post-buying feedback we receive each month. So if you are looking for some proven items to start buying for your office or home, then you cannot go wrong with any of the items here in this category.

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  1. Radio Frequency/Cavitation/Ultrasound Gel 4

    Radio Frequency / Cavitation / Ultrasound Gel (1-Bottle) by U-Style

    MSRP Price: $14.99

    BMD Price: $8.95

    Cools down the skin temperature; allows the handpiece to move smoothly over the treatment area; acts as conductive medium for ultrasound waves and allows them to pass through with little interference. Learn More

  2. Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer with Battery

    Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer with Battery | Nebuliser for Adults and Children

    MSRP Price: $59.99

    BMD Price: $37.99

    This portable nebulizer includes a battery pack that allows the nebuliser to be taken and used anywhere. Use it outdoors, while traveling, or to school or the office. Learn More

  3. RF Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Device Machine

    RF Machine for Skin Tightening | Radio Frequency Beauty Device (Model 2017-BM7X2)

    MSRP Price: $899.99

    BMD Price: $429.99

    Proven method for non-surgical, painless and effective tightening of the skin. It is a gradual process with more tightening improvements appearing with each additional treatment session. Learn More

  4. Free shipping
    Shoe Insert Lifts 2 -

    Shoe Insert Lifts for Increasing Height - Look and Be Taller (Low Price with Free Shipping)

    MSRP Price: $19.99

    BMD Price: $12.88

    Dress shoe inserts for making men appear taller. Learn More

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