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Nose Air Filters | Insertion Filter Masks for Nostrils

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Quick Overview

This nose air filter is a natural and safe way to achieve allergy relief without the use of drugs. It includes 3 filter layers to provide an excellent cleaning effect on the air you breathe.
Nose Air Filter

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You can purchase these nose filters at our sister website, Global Care Market. View the selection here; Nose Filters.

These Nose Filter Masks are used to clean the air you breathe. With a triple layer filter system that absorbs and filters out most dust, pollens and other allergens, you can breathe easier when you are outside during allergy season.

The first question people normally ask about these nose filters is: "Is it easy to breathe through on of these nose filter masks?", and the answer is YES. While these nose filters are working hard at capturing particles such as pollens, molds, aerosol sprays and other pollutants, they still allow most air through so you will hardly notice a difference in the volume of air intake into your sinuses.

If you are ready to try something new to more naturally improve the air you breathe, then we encourage you to give these Nose Filter Masks a try. Each package contains three of these nose filters and comes with a budget-friendly price. On sale now at, so pick yours up today.


Product Details

  • Description of Use: Nose Mask / Filter for cleaning the air intake of your sinuses
  • All natural product, has no side effects and contains no drugs
  • Almost invisible, light-weight, and more comfortable to wear than a face mask
  • Designed with triple filter structure for blocking of 99.6% of all microscopic pollutants
  • Filter functions to block all kinds of dust and air particles while still allowing easy breathing
  • Each nose filter unit can be washed and reused
  • Nose Filter Size: Adult (one size fits all)
  • Filter Materials: 3 layers of charcoal, polyester, evelon
  • Filter Effects: Absorb molds, pollens and odors
  • Popular Tags: nose mask, anti allergy nose filter, nose hepa filters, nose allergy asthma sinus filter


Package Contents

  • 1 x Box of Nose Air Filter Masks (each package contains three pieces)



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can benefit from using these nose filters?
    These nose filters are very suitable for people working in their gardens, allergy sufferers who still want to enjoy their favorite outdoor sports, as well as people with mild chemical sensitivities. They are not intended for protection against industrial hazards such as asbestos, commercial paints or fiberglass insulation.
  • How long can these be worn?
    Each nose filter mask can be used up to 3-5 times. People with severe allergies may need to use each filter only once or twice while people with only mild allergic rhinitis may be able to use each nose filter multiple times.

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