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Home Care & Safety

Home Care & Safety

Wholesale Home Care Essentials for Small Business and Families.

If you are a small business owner, home care specialist, or "doctor mom", you will find a wide selection of home care and devices here that you cannot find anyplace else.

All these items are in stock in our warehouse for immediate shipment to all of our customers around the world. Choose between postal air for cheaper shipping or express carriers such as Fed-Ex or DHL if you need your order more quickly.

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  1. head magnifier zoom 4

    Head Visor Magnifying Glasses with LED Light

    MSRP Price: $29.99

    BMD Price: $16.85

    Wearable Magnifying Glasses with LED Head Lamp for easier hobby and repair work around the house or office. Learn More

  2. wholesale medical supplies

    Disposable PE Shoe Covers (200 Pack)

    MSRP Price: $24.99

    BMD Price: $14.99

    Designed to be used as refills for our shoe cover dispenser. Learn More

  3. back support brace

    Adjustable Back Support Belt and Brace

    MSRP Price: $49.99

    BMD Price: $26.99

    This back brace is designed to be worn during any job activity involving lifting, repetitive motions or standing for long periods of time. Learn More

  4. computer anti glare glasses

    Computer Anti-Glare Glasses

    MSRP Price: $49.99

    BMD Price: $18.95

    Anti-glare glasses are type of eyeglasses with anti-glare coating that are especially designed to help you reduce and relieve eye strain caused by looking at computer for a long time. Learn More

  5. UV-C Light Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer

    SuperFresh UV-C Light Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer for Home and Travel Use

    MSRP Price: $29.99

    BMD Price: $12.95

    Fully automatic function for easy use. Simply put in your toothbrush, then close the lid and let it turn on to sanitize your brush and then shut itself off when finished. No need for you to do anything! Learn More

  6. behind the ear hearing aid

    FolkAidĀ® Digital Hearing Aid - Behind The Ear Design

    MSRP Price: $49.99

    BMD Price: $15.88

    With the latest hearing aid from Best Medical Direct, people who have suffered from hearing issues are experiencing a great improvement in their lifestyle. Learn More

  7. Free shipping
    Shoe Insert Lifts 2 -

    Shoe Insert Lifts for Increasing Height - Look and Be Taller (Low Price with Free Shipping)

    MSRP Price: $19.99

    BMD Price: $12.88

    Dress shoe inserts for making men appear taller. Learn More

  8. detox food pads 2

    HealthyLife Detox Foot Pad Patches (50 Pieces)

    MSRP Price: $29.99

    BMD Price: $12.99

    These popular detox foot pads draw harmful toxins through the bottom of your feet by using distilled bamboo vinegar and a herbal compound mix. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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