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Free Shipping Specials

Free Shipping Specials

The Free Shipping Specials here at Best Medical Direct contains a selection of medical supplies and devices which are sent worldwide for free. Yes, that means there is no shipping cost to you!

Yes, not only will do you get to see all of the newest Home Care Devices, Health Gadgets and Medical Supplies here at Best Medical Direct, but now on selected products you can get our great service, first-class products, and free shipping too! So why wait? Go ahead and login to your account to take advantage of our low prices and free shipping deal for these home health care items found at the online shop of

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  1. Free shipping
    Natural Breast Enhancer

    Electronic Breast Enlargement Massager by U-Style® (with Free Shipping!)

    MSRP Price: $69.99

    BMD Price: $24.95

    This device accelerates the blood circulation and tissue cell re-generation of your breasts, which prevents the breasts from dropping, keeping them firm, and allowing them to grow bigger - naturally. Learn More

  2. Free shipping
    Otoscope for Ear Exams

    Pocket Style Otoscope for Ear Exams / Eye Exams (Low Price with Free Shipping)

    MSRP Price: $29.99

    BMD Price: $16.95

    Medical exam tool with magnifying lens and light for inspecting the ears and eyes. Learn More

  3. Free shipping
    Shoe Insert Lifts 2 -

    Shoe Insert Lifts for Increasing Height - Look and Be Taller (Low Price with Free Shipping)

    MSRP Price: $19.99

    BMD Price: $12.88

    Dress shoe inserts for making men appear taller. Learn More

  4. Free shipping
    pocket dentist

    Pocket Dentist - Oral Care Tool, Blue Color (5 Pack) with Free Shipping!

    MSRP Price: $49.99

    BMD Price: $24.88

    Oral care tool that includes a stainless steel interdental pick and scaler, interdental brush, soft pick and more. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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