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Infrared Warming Luxury Foot Massager with Remote (Silver)

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Quick Overview

Specifically designed based on this ancient concept and healing art, by combining foot reflexology with electro stimulation and a heated footrest, for a uniquely relaxing and energizing effect, as it brings your body back into natural balance and harmony.
 Infrared Warming Luxury Foot Massager 1

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The ancient Chinese divide the soles of the hands and feet into multiple sections - each section corresponds to individual glands, organs and parts of the body. Stimulation and massage of these individual sections relieves stress, tension and pain, as blocked, trapped energy is thereby released. Take the middle part of the foot for example, do you know that if the person who is being massaged has Diabetes, you can press on the middle part of the foot continuously and it will help stabilize the sugar level of the patient. Or that the middle toe, is connected to the head, and if your head aches, you can gradually and calmly massage the middle or index toe to make the pain lighter?

Foot Massage

HealthyLife brand Multi Mode Infrared Warming Luxury Foot Massager is specifically designed based on this ancient concept and healing art, by combining foot reflexology with electro stimulation and a heated footrest, for a uniquely relaxing and energizing effect, as it brings your body back into natural balance and harmony. Infrared Warming Luxury Foot Massager combines the West Electromagnetic Wave Therapy and the Traditional Chinese Medical Therapy, stimulates human body by biological electromagnetic wave, makes the massage deep into body, and generates direct and effective healthcare effect.


  • Far-infrared heating massage - The unique far-infrared heating massage can deep into the internal body, improve the blood circulation and accelerate the metabolism.
  • Biological Electromagnetic Wave - 56 electromagnetic modes and 99 intensities satisfy your different requirements. 99 kinds of intensity can stimulate the accupoints, muscles, nerves, and capillary, improve blood circulation and strengthen organs’ function. Massage intensity: 99 levels .Timer: 0-90 minutes, 5 minutes per level.
  • Sole Massage - Massage aimed at the particular acupoints in sole and leg can remove fatigue and ache, spark the organs’ vitality.
  • Remote control - The simple remote control let you set the personalized massage mode by just a light press.


Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight and portable for your home, office or travel.
  • Helps to relax tight muscles before and after exercise, or after a long period on the feet.
  • Rapidly soothes tension, soreness and pain, with penetrating electro stimulation pulses.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Enables the unblocking of nerve impulses.
  • Four computerized settings for stimulation - massaging, relaxing, pounding or combination
  • Computerized program allows you to choose the speed of the electro pulsations.
  • The remote control allows you to choose the intensity level of electro stimulation.
  • Heated foot rest to keep feet warm via gentle heat stimulation.
  • Eight replaceable electro-pads used to stimulate specific painful areas such as your neck, shoulders or back.


Product Specifications

  • Power: 12w
  • Voltage: 110v-240v
  • Dimensions: 42.5 x 12 x 32.5 cm
  • Weight: 4kg
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How to Use

  • Sit down and relax.
  • Place your feet on top of the machine.
  • Begin with five minute sessions in mode one.
  • This frequency will break up pockets of toxins, clusters of parasites, and radiation.
  • After several treatments, time and mode may be increased.
  • Experiment to find the mode you prefer the most.
  • Each treatment session should not exceed 30 minutes.
  • Three treatments per day maximum.

Note: For ultimate conductivity, place a wet paper towel on each foot pad - if you suffer from dry or calloused feet, this is a terrific idea! You may use essential oils if you so desire. Your skin must be bare in order for the machine to work - remove socks and stockings.


CAUTION - When Not To Use:

The machine should NOT be used if you have any open sores - a serious heart condition - if using a pacemaker or implanted heartbeat regulators - if you have seriously high blood pressure.



Package Contents

  • 1 x Foot Massager
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x Adaptor
  • 8 x Massager Pads ( 4 Pairs)
  • 2 x Pads Line (1 line with 2 output. 1 line with 4 output)
  • 1 x Manual book - English
  • Important Ordering Note about Taxes and Customs: This is an item that is often subject to import fees. When purchasing this item, do note that you will be responsible for paying any taxes due on this item.

The most common non-english category names for this product are:

  • Infravörös melegítő Foot masszírozó

  • Инфрачервена затопляне Foot Massager

  • Pied Massager infrarouge réchauffement

  • Инфракрасный массажер ног потепление

  • Încălzirea infraroşu masaj pentru picioare

  • O aquecimento de infravermelho Pé Massager

  • الأشعة تحت الحمراء الاحترار مدلك القدم

  • 赤外線温暖フットマッサージャー

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Customer Reviews

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Nice Review by Diego
Received it as a gift from my wife and i was like, what the hell am i going to do with this thing? but i am happy to say that it is actually quite great to use now in teh winder while it is cold and you are working on the computer or watching tv. it warms and massages your feet to the point that when you get up to go get a glass of water or something you get that high feeling like if you just had a real foot massage. very nice, just don't tell my wife or she may end up hogging it away :0) (Posted on 12/30/12)
Good for winter Review by Katrien
I use this under my desk at work, it is wonderful since the office is always a bit cold since the building is an old converted warehouse. Not sure if I am getting a whole body improvement from the reflexology or if it just from not freezing anymore, but so far so good.

Thank you for asking for my feedback. (Posted on 12/8/12)

2 Item(s)

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