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Which Anti Snore Devices Work the Best?

Which Anti Snore Devices Work the Best?

Are you tired of your partner begging you to stop snoring? Are you sick of sleeping in the spare room?

Couple Snoring Problem

Snoring is famous for being the most disturbing sleep issue between couples, and in extreme cases it can even disturb the sleep of a complete household.  What can you do about?  Well, keep reading to learn to learn about the best cost effective solution.

What is snoring exactly?  Most snoring is a direct result of your air passages being more narrow, as a consequence of blockages from your tongue, palate, jaws, or something else. For everyone, the cause of the blockage is different, but as long as your air flow is blocked, snoring will probably occur.  Sometimes the blockage can become extremely dramatic, as in the case of sleep apnea, where your air flow is blocked so much that you literally stop breathing and have to "micro-wake" and cough everytime you want to breathe again.  This is why sufferers of sleep apnea wake up still feeling so tired, because often times they've been unconsciencly awoken up hundreds of times during the night without even realizing it. Though they believed they'd gotten 8 hours of sleep, it basically would have been closer to 2 or 3 hours.

Because of the different types of snoring and sleep apnea, there have been developed numerous kinds of anti snoring devices in the marketplace for you to select from, each one of them have varying amounts of effectiveness for each person. Of the numerous products you may find online, the one that is right for you (based on feedback from our many customers) should be the Anti Snore / Stop Snoring Mouthpiece, technically called a Mandibular Adjustment Device.

First off, what are some of the alternatives?  There is the stop-snoring pillow, which is basically a molded foam pillow which is designed to keep your head lined up straight, which helps keep your airways wide and clear. Simple but not really effective because the average person move position 15-30 times a night, so the effect only lasts for a short time each night.

Another alternative is surgery.  Of course most people are reluctant to even consider surgery due to the high cost, possible complications and the chance that it might not even completely work. And we agree that there are better alternatives you should try first before considering such a drastic measure.  However, in the end, if you do try everything else and experienced absolutely no benefits, then nasal modification surgery is something you can discuss with a specialist.

Still another type of at-home therapy device is a CPAP device.  While some people find it beneficial, another group really dislike it due to the noice, discomfort, and the fact that they can never get used to sleeping while connected to a machine.

The last, and most highly recommended device due to its reasonable price and extremely high effectiveness is the anti snore mouth piece, a simple looking night time respiratory aid device that has also proven very helpful for many folks. It helps you by keeping your mouth and jaw in the proper position while sleeping so that the soft tissue in your mouth does not have a chance to interfere with your breathing, thereby keeping your airway clear so you don't snore, and at the same time you breath easier while you are sleeping.  You can find a selection of the best of these devices in our Breathing and Respiratory Aid shop.

Don't try any other anti snoring devices till you have tried this one, the Anti Snore Sleeping Mouthpiece from the online shop of Best Medical Direct.